Upcoming Events At MBC

  • Baptism Weekend

    If you would like to participate in our upcoming Baptism Weekend Service - September 28/29 - please sign up at HERE. Registrants will receive an email with details regarding the required group training class and a testimony video recording - both held Saturday, Sept. 14th, 9 AM

  • Haiti 2020 Trip

    Time to sign up for the MBC Haiti Trip! We have 22 spots. Start your new year off serving!!! It will be December 31st through January 7th. The total cost will be 1700 dollars. To hold your spot you will need a 250 dollar deposit. This team will be serving the people of Haiti through the ministries of DSM International. Pray about whether God may be calling you to use your gifts on the mission field. If you are interested please email Haiti@donshire.com or use this link to apply: https://app.managedmissions.com/MissionApplication/Start/18291

  • Since 2010, MBC Pastors have had the pleasure of accompanying attenders of MBC, along with friends or relatives from other churches, to the Holy Land.  Each trip has had an incredible impact on the lives those who have attended.  Many have experienced life transformation, as well as the enrichment of their faith, as they walked the lands of the Scriptures.  Watch the Scriptures come alive as you travel through the lands where God called Abraham to be the Father of the nation of Israel.   Follow the footsteps of Jesus, throughout the region of Galilee, as well as in Jerusalem, the place where he was crucified for our sins, and raised to life for our salvation.  Imagine the birth of the early church by exploring the birthplace of Christianity.  Discover the turbulent past of the last two millennium, gaining further insight to the current tensions, being better able to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.  It's an experience you won't forget!  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION