REALity U...encompasses various weekend classes and midweek seminars that are offered throughout the year to help equip MBCers with the tools to live out our mission statement of being "REAL with God, REAL with Each Other, and REAL in the World."  

These classes will meet during the 10:00am service time

For more information click here to email Pastor Brent Molskness.

  • REAL in the WORD:"Questioning God: a Study of Obadiah/Malachi"

    This class study is open to all men and women high school on up who have ever questioned God....I guess that's all of us! Join us as we walk through these two short books of the Bible that give us insight into the centuries old practice of questioning God when we don't understand him or his ways. Through these ancient books we will discover God does not shy back from being questioned....but listen for it....he embraces the questions and responds!   This class meets in the lower level Fellowship Hall.

  • WOMEN of the WORD...."It's Not Suppose to be This Way"

    (Finding Unexpected Strength When Disappointments Leave You Shattered)

    Women join us this fall for this very REAL discussion of finding hope and strength in the middle of life's disappointments. Life has its moments that seem to shatter us, break us, and we think we can't go on; but this study offers a biblical authentic look at how to go through tragic disappointments and find strength through God at work within us.  We will be meeting in the large classroom off the downstairs Fellowship Hall.