REALity U...encompasses various weekend classes and midweek seminars that are offered throughout the year to help equip MBCers with the tools to live out our mission statement of being "REAL with God, REAL with Each Other, and REAL in the World."  

Our Winter/Spring semester begins Sunday, January 12th!

For more information click here to email Pastor Brent Molskness.


    Join Jason Boe and Bill Washburn on an amazing and impactful journey through the Book of Acts.  Discover the beginnings of the Church and the commission Christ placed on these early followers that extends to us today.  The Book of Acts is not simply a history lesson, it is a tool to help believers today be the followers and the church He has called them to be. 

    *Sundays 9:30am @ MBC (Begins January 12th )

    * For more information email Jason Boe.

  • WOMEN OF THE WORD: One Hit Wonders

    Join our ladies bible study this spring semester for our “One Hit Wonders.”   And no, we aren’t talking about Top 40 music from the ‘80’s. 

    Instead, each Sunday we will be studying a different topic that will equip us to know God, serve Him, and give us an opportunity to connect with other women at MBC Minooka.

    No preparation is required, but each teacher may give handouts...we will have different guest leaders, panels of women that have lived and walked life experiences that will encourage us; plus, video teaching from various teachers and authors of bible studies.

    We hope you can join us each and every Sunday for what we think will not be just a “one Sunday wonder”, but glimpses of God’s truth that will stick with you and encourage you.

    *Sundays 9:30am @ MBC (Begins January 12th and can join in anytime)

    *Email Jody for more information.

  • PARTY with a PURPOSE: Seeing Jesus in the OT Jewish Festivals

    Join Pastor Brent as he dives into a study of the OT Jewish Festivals and their foreshadowing and portrayal of Jesus Christ, the Messiah.  Each of these festivals were not just to celebrate, but to give glimpses of the coming Messiah and how God's people should worship the King of Kings.   Spoiler alert....this will not just be a history lesson but an opportunity to see how these festivals speak to how we should live and serve Jesus today.

    *Sundays 9:30am @ MBC (Begins January 12th and you can join in anytime)

    *Email Pastor Brent for more information.