This summer, CR will be meeting under the tent at 7:00pm for large group gathering as weather permits (inside if bad weather) with small share groups meeting right after.  

No childcare provided.

We look forward to meeting while practicing social distancing. 

Please email us at mbccr@outlook.com if you have any questions.


We look forward to resuming our normal schedule in the future when restrictions are lifted!


6-7pm Dinner

7-8pm Large Group Meeting -- childcare provided

8-9pm Open Share Small Groups (gender specific) -- childcare provided

9-9:30pm Coffee & Desserts

Celebrate Recovery takes 8 Recovery Principles from the Beatitudes teachings of Christ and the 12 Step Principles to help individuals be FREE from the hurts, habits, and hangups of life. We are changed as we share our experiences, strengths, and hopes with one another; along with God's amazing GRACE. CR meets every Thursday and you can come and join in at any time as it is a continuous ministry. For more information please email mbccr@outlook.com, check out celebraterecovery.com, or check us out on facebook - Mission Bible Church CR.

men's open share groups

MEN'S CHEMICAL: Alcohol, sugar, food, caffeine, street drug abuse, prescription drug abuse, prescription medication issues issues that are affecting livelihood, and etc.

MEN'S ISSUES:  Anger, PTSD, depression, divorce, codependent, anxiety, emotional/physical/sexual abuse, sexual traumas, family stress/work related stress, loneliness, feelings of un-appreciation, self-worth, and etc.

MEN'S INTEGRITY: Gambling, pride, jealousy, pornography, lying, cheating, stealing, swearing, sexual addiction, lust, and etc.

women's open share groups

WOMEN'S CHEMICAL: Alcohol, sugar, caffeine, street drug abuse, prescription drug abuse, prescription medication issues that are affecting livelihood, and etc.

WOMEN'S ABUSE: Mental abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, sexual traumas, and etc.

WOMEN'S CODEPENDENCY: Family stress, work related stress, financial stress, loneliness, feeling of un-appreciation, self-worth, lack of confidence, depression/anxiety, and etc.

WOMEN'S ISSUES: Anger, faith issues, self-harm, food issues, gambling, pride, jealousy, feelings of discontentment, and etc.