Pastor David Jankowski

Pastor David Jankowski was hired at MBC at a crossroad in the church’s history. Most desperately wanted to obediently follow Christ’s command to make disciples but were uninvited in how to accomplish that task. Pastor David assumed the helm at the end of 1997 and began positioning the church for critical moves it would have to make if that goal was to be accomplished. Under his leadership the church grew requiring the building of our current worship center, which he oversaw. He led the growing staff from just he and Joyce Satorius to many additional support team members who developed the worship arts, children’s ministries, student ministries, and small group direction.

When Pastor David transitioned from Senior Pastor to Associate Pastor, he effectively started a ministry to those fifty five years and older as well as launched our adult missions program. A program that is developing wave after wave of excellent lay leaders who return to our church focussed and passionate to invest their lives in ministry.

Due to the legacy of leadership and shepherding spanning over fifty years, over two decades of faithful service at MBC, and his continued drive to serve, Pastor David Jankowski has been awarded the title of Pastor Emeritus. He continues to function in the role of a shepherd leader to several key ministries at our church including Master’s Men Bible Study, Lifebridge, and the missions board.