Reopening FAQs

When do we start meeting inside?

We will begin meeting inside the building on Sunday, October 4th

We will have two gatherings

9 + 10:30 am

Will there be a Saturday gathering?

For now we will be starting with two gatherings on Sunday.

Will we be socially distancing?

Yes.  We will be doing all we can to comply with social distancing guidelines.

Will I have to wear a mask?

We will be requiring masks while in the building for the time being.

Do I have to make a reservation?

No, we will be on a first come first served basis. 

We are hoping to have enough seating available in the Worship Center as well as other venues throughout the building.

You can help us plan by filling out the following SURVEY

Will I still be able to stop by the cafe for coffee?

Yes! We will have our amazing volunteers available to serve you your a hot cup of coffee.

What will it look like on a typical Sunday?

We will have 50 minute services which will allow for necessary sanitizing between gatherings. We will have signage and hand sanitizers available in the atrium.  In the worship Center, each party will be seated 6 feet from each other.  Afterward, we will ask for those with children to pick up at Mission Kids and Adventure Outpost while those without kids to pick up are welcome to head outside to grab coffee and visit!

What will it look like for my baby, preschooler, or grade schooler? 

Mission Kids will be available for infants through 4th grade! For those in Adventure Outpost (Nursery) Masks will NOT be required but for Mission Kids (K-4th) masks will be required.  Click HERE to watch a video from Pastor Joshua and hear all the details about how we will be opening.


Mission Minooka Reopen Video

Watch this video for all the details about reopening our building on Sunday, October 4th! 

And be sure to fill out this SURVEY to help us better prepare for our first weekend back inside.