Annual Business Meeting



From what I understand, this property is legally titled to Morris CYC, and the board of directors has changed to a few people from Mission Bible Church which formed a not-for profit organization called Endeavor (Venture Mission) to run the Morris CYC. From  what I understand, they are not able to change the name from the CYC and still retain the 501C3 federal charitable designation.

What legal entity is the title to the property in now? (Endeavor?? Morris CYC??)...Morris CYC is still the name currently, we will change the name after the building is deeded to Mission Bible Church. However, we have the authority to deed the building to any non-profit entity like MBC.

Will the legal title to this property be changed to Mission Bible Church upon acceptance of the property, or will it continue to be titled to another organization (Endeavor or Morris CYC) to keep the 501C3 status?....The building will be titled to Mission Bible Church while the 501C3 will be under the Venture Mission (formerly called “Endeavor”) organization so Mission Bible Church itself will not become a 501C3. We are working with an attorney that has prepared the legal arrangements for this all to occur.

If the legal title is going to Change to Mission Bible Church, will the 501C3 Status be dropped?....Mission Bible Church will continue with its current status and the 501C3 status will only be with Venture Mission.

It is my understanding that the property requires major renovation to meet current building codes, and to make it usable and pass occupational requirements.

What are the details of the renovation and what are the cost of those renovations. (Does it require a sprinkler system installed and at what cost?, new concrete floor and at what cost?, new bathrooms and at what cost?, new offices and at what cost?) So, it seems this great offer of property comes with a heavy burden of improvements cost....Yes, there will definitely be costs to renovate this property. Those working directly with the project have estimated around $100,000. There is a sprinkler system. However, we do not have to be in any specific rush to renovate. The building will be ours to either renovate through the raising of funds through a capital campaign and use it for the Morris campus, or we can even sell the building.

Will you be able to provide pictures and floor plans of the proposed property, showing and explaining how the entire building complex is a shared building and the property being offered is not a stand-alone building, but is the interior of a building complex, and not the building itself?....No, we do not have any drawings or pictures as to what this building may look like after renovation. It is in a building complex of other non-profits and is not a stand alone building.

What are the current and ongoing expenses for the property in Morris, and are they already included in the Mission Bible Church proposed 2023 budget?...We have the typical utilities and these are included in the 2023 budget. In addition, there is a small fee for being a part of the organizational complex (similar to an HOA fee). 


Please breakdown what the $150,000 proposed improvements cost are? It is my understanding the chairs have already been purchased and paid for. What are the “technological aspects”, and what is the cost breakdown for them? From your bottom line, you show an expected surplus of $119,509.33. Taking that from the $150,000 proposed improvements leaves $30,490.67 to raise for capital improvements....The $150,000 increase for the Worship Center technological aspects is replacing our current speakers which are original to the building. They are at the end of their life and do not sound clear. With new speakers it will add clarity to our sound that we are missing. Also, part of the $150,000 includes adding much needed acoustic treatment to our room. Our room has a lot of imperfections from an audio standpoint that we have been battling since the building of the room 17 years ago. We have worked with an integrator that has measured our room and agrees that our room needs a lot of work in order to effectively communicate the message that we work hard on each and every week.

Speakers $100,000

Acoustic Treatment $45,000

Installation, Shipping, misc. $32,000

Money in Deferred Account - $27,000

Total Needed - $150,000


5210 Assimilation has an increase of 24.8%. What is the big increase for? Also, what is under the Emergency section of an Assimilation budget?...The reason for this increase is the need for new AED (defibrillator) devices which are under Emergency Response. We had two devices quit this past year, but are only budgeting for one in 2023 and we will replace the other in 2024. 

5310 Children’s has an increase of 33.59%. This is a large increase. What is the big increase for?....The largest increase is that we put our fall and spring volunteer events under this category as Pastor Josh has taken the lead with these....Fall Kickoff and Spring Volunteer Appreciation. We had not budgeted for those items before but simply had to take funds out of different line items. Also, Pastor Josh is hoping to do another outreach event for the whole family by bringing in a speaker/entertainer. 

5810 Publicity has an increase of 57.83%. What is the big increase for?....The major increase is that in previous budgets we had not budgeted for the purchase of our Mission merchandise that we sell. In order to best steward our publicity fund better we are creating a new line item specifically for Mission Merch. We are adding the sale of merchandise to this area which has an up front purchase cost, but we will recoup most of that through sales of the Mission merchandise. Also, as we try to equip our staff better, some funds were allocated for a training conference.

6100 Staff Administration has a decrease of $52,296.56 in proposed expenses. Where is this decrease coming from? (Wages, medical insurance, taxes, workman’s comp, or health care?) Is some of the current staff leaving employment to affect this kind of savings?....The previous year we had allocated funds for the hiring of an executive pastor, however one was not hired and Pastor Brent is going to be stepping into this role so those extra salary funds were not needed.

6510 Worship has an increase of 27.02%. What is this big increase for?....This increase is for the rising cost of music and licensing for copyright music, plus an increase in training funds as Pastor Carlos will be working very diligently in training up new worship leaders and teams as he transitions to his new role of Discipleship Pastor in 2023.

Please explain how Mission Bible Church plans on meeting the 2023 budget, along with an additional 150,000 worship improvements cost, and also meet an unknown, yet to be revealed cost for improvements to the Morris facility, during a recession?....We will be keeping a very close eye on our bottom line before we begin the worship center improvements and if we see things are not at a healthy place financially we will adjust accordingly to keep our cash flow at the level it needs to be. Whenever we have large projects like this, they are both steps of faith and increased stewardship in our spending. We managed our 2023 budget to be well under our expected 2023 income in anticipation of this project.

As far as the Morris facility, we are planning to do a capital campaign to raise the funds for that project as we look to invest into Morris and give our church family the opportunity to invest in this project. As mentioned earlier, we are not on a scheduled timeline for this but will look at when it is best to move forward with this project.


What specific advertising/marketing ventures are we pursuing? What are the goals of this? What advertising have we done in the past and what feedback do we have on how those performed?

Some means of advertising don't cost us a thing, while others do. One main area of marketing is on Facebook, purchasing ads and promoting specific upcoming events. We have been especially heavy in our marketing for the Morris campus which has really paid off with lawn signs, invite cards, and posters for large events so the community realizes we are there. A big part of the budget under publicity this year is money to purchase the various merch products which we will eventually recoup a good amount of that. We previously had not budgeted for that and it cost us. We are also upgrading and updating our website to a better platform as that and our live-streaming tend to get the most looks.

How are the Facebook ads performing? I know that these can be a money pit and not produce results if the person doing the ads is not trained in how to market via Facebook and/or understand the algorithm and intricacies of ads. A lot of money can be spent to reach the wrong people. Also, many ads are easily glossed over and not paid attention to. Is someone looking at the analytics?

As far as the analytics and such with Facebook, we always target families (18-65) in Grundy county IL. Ads are not taken out for every event, but we try to keep each Ad under $75 and most are less than $50. In 2022, we took out 10 Ads averaging a reach of 1,800 accounts per Ad. We plan to take out 3 more for the Christmas Season. Overall, we do see engagement with our online accounts (FB and IG) increase with each Ad.

Merchandise... I know there are policies about people not being able to provide business services at church and make monetary gain. Is there monetary gain from the merch? No, we do not make any money on the merch, we simply sell at our cost and sometimes even under cost. We see Mission Merch as a form of publicity used to tell people about Mission and for our members to easily say, "That's my church!" 


What is included in Adult Spiritual Discipleship? What measures are we using to see if adults in our congregation (at least members) are indeed bringing people closer to Jesus and developing leaders?

Our spiritual formation area includes all of our REAL Life small groups, REALity U Bible studies, Lifebridge ministry, Mission Women and all their groups, and many other ministries and groups that are intended to help people grow in their relationship with each other and a deeper relationship with God. We currently do not have a specific formula or testing mechanism to determine the levels of discipleship. We've always looked at weekend, small group, serve team and ministry involvement as markers of discipleship.  We also celebrate life change in those who attend the ministries of Mission.  As Pastor Carlos begins to take more of a lead in this area, he is interested in developing more of a pathway for people to follow so we can better gauge growth and discipleship. With our theme this year, "Changed Lives Change Lives" we are going to do our best to promote the importance and process of discipleship....that we are all growing, not just in knowledge but in a pathway that helps lead and grow others to Christ.

Of course there is no special formula or tool to make sure that people are getting closer to Christ, I was just curious to know if there is some sort of checking in on how our ministries are doing in accomplishing their goals/mission! It is good to know that there are some intentions moving forward. It seems like small groups and getting people to host ministry ventures in their homes has been a real struggle (e.g. Mission Women is constantly asking for hosts and it seems not many new small groups become available). Are there plans on how to make discipleship more accessible?

This area is in transition as Pastor Brent is handing off this area to Pastor Carlos this fall/winter. Pastor Carlos has some great ideas of more directly organized discipleship groups/classes that he will be unveiling once he is in the full role of shepherding these areas of ministry. Currently, Pastor Brent meets on a regular basis with ministry leaders and checks in with small group leaders every so often to hear how their groups and ministries are going....wins, struggles, vision, etc. Our goal is to always have more small group opportunities and avenues for people to easily on ramp.


Is it being proposed that Scott Morton will join the Executive Council as a deacon?

Yes, he is being asked to be a member of our Executive Council replacing Doug Shelton whose term is expiring. With our new constitution the title of deacon is not directly written out, but he and the other Executive Council members are in a sense serving in the biblical role of deacons.